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Consumers Spending Less on Heating Bills This Winter: 5 Tips to Help You Save Even More

Washington, D.C., January 25, 2012 – Prior to the recent spell of cold weather, this winter was feeling more like spring throughout much of the Northeast. Many of these states saw temperatures as much as 23% warmer than last year. The resulting reduction in heating oil usage has led to lower heating bills than originally anticipated by many home and business owners.

How can consumers continue to rake in the savings? It may be easier than you think. The Energy Communications Council offers the following 5 simple, low-cost and highly endorsed tips for keeping heating costs low throughout the remainder of the season.

1. Budget Plans
One of the easiest ways for consumers to manage their money is a budget payment plan, which spreads fuel costs across twelve months. Budget plans make it possible for customers to anticipate their monthly bills and budget accordingly. A call to the local fuel supplier can help consumers decide what type of plan is right for them.

2. Pipe Insulation
Wrapping pipes with insulation or installing a foam sleeve will not only reduce heat loss, but will guard against the very costly problem of frozen and cracked water lines.

3. Caulking
For less than $20.00, anyone can visit their local home improvement store and purchase a caulking gun and a tube of caulk. Filling gaps around windows and doors will significantly reduce heat loss… without the considerable expense of replacing those same doors and windows.

4. Plastic Window Insulation
A plastic window insulation kit can also be purchased at almost any home improvement store. This thin, clear plastic sheeting adheres easily to any size window to provide an extra layer of protection against heat-loss. This is particularly useful for homes with older, single-paned windows or if homeowners simply suspect that their windows may be drafty. The plastic is easily removed at the end of the heating season with no damage to the window pane or frame.

5. Lower Thermostat Temperatures
Lowering your thermostat just a few degrees at night and during the day when the home is empty can really help homeowners save on their heating bill. Homeowners may wish to consider installing a programmable thermostat, which can be preset to lower the temperature when that family is sleeping or away from home, and raise it just before the family awakes or returns home.

For consumers facing considerable financial hardship, public and private assistance may be available. If you are unemployed, lower-income, disabled, a senior citizen, a veteran or active-duty military and are struggling to pay your heating bills, you should contact your local dealer to inquire about what options may be available to you.

For more information regarding practical energy saving tips, contact your local heating oil dealer, your state or regional heating oil association, or visit and

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