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The ECC’s mission is to improve public knowledge of modern heating oil and oilheat systems and clearly explain the growing role of energy efficiency and renewables in the heating oil sector. Consumers figured out a century ago that oil provides tremendous value and benefits for heating homes and businesses. Oilheat retailers are shaping their next 100 years of service in part by selling and installing more ENERGY STAR® rated equipment that takes advantage of new biofuels and solar energy.

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Positive Trends in Oilheat

Heating oil retailers are vigorously pursuing fuel and equipment innovations that increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases while affordably providing the comfort that homeowners have come to expect from oilheat.

Today’s heating oil burns nearly 95 percent cleaner than it did in 1970 and residential heating oil systems produce less than one-third of one percent of total U.S. particulate emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil have been reduced by one third since 1970.

As the industry continues to create cleaner fuels, ECC members are encouraging consumers to install highly efficient, state-of-the-art, heating oil furnaces and boilers. These appliances alone have helped cut the average household heating fuel consumption by 25 percent.

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