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Heating system service 'can help with efficiency'

November 8, 2010

Remembering to tune a heating oil system before the winter properly sets in can help to limit the size of bills during the colder months.

An efficiently-operating system is likely to burn less fuel than one that has not been tuned properly.

The Reading Eagle reports that the cost of a tune-up to make a heating oil burner work more efficiently can be recouped over the course of one season where the heating is in use.

Opting to replace older systems with newer, more efficient models may also help to reduce total heating oil costs, the news provider suggests, claiming that such systems can be up to 25 per cent more efficient.

Aside from taking steps to ensure optimum efficiency in how a heating system works, homeowners looking to reduce their monthly heating oil spend can also make improvements to insulation around the home.

Total spend on heating oil can also be reduced by buying the commodity in bulk, when a better price deal can typically be arranged. Such a move may also help to hedge against oil price rises.

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