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Ferrante: The other side of natural gas story

November 11, 2013 The statement in your Nov. 4 story (“Many households switching to gas”) by a National Grid spokesman that natural gas is “a more efficient alternative price-wise and also environmentally" is simply not true.

New oil-fired home heating equipment is highly efficient and clean-burning. These systems easily match up to natural gas systems on annual fuel utilization efficiency. Home heating oil is also cleaner than ever since many retail dealers offer renewable BIOHEAT blended with ultra-low sulfur fuel.

And consumers need to push pass utility rhetoric on the alleged environmental benefits of natural gas and seek the facts. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a noted environmental activist, recently said, “From what I understand about natural gas, it’s a catastrophe.” Kennedy is referring to the environmental impact of gas fracking and the greenhouse gas impact of methane emissions from gas pipeline infrastructure. Kennedy is joined by a host of others who feel the same way, and there’s notable research to bolster their views including a recent report on natural gas leaks issued by Senator Ed Markey, and recent reports from the Conservation Law Foundation and Boston University on the same topic.

The heating oil industry is a vital component in the energy mix and the economic profile for Massachusetts. The heating oil industry’s reputation for serving millions of homes and businesses is impeccable, and the utilities are hard-pressed to duplicate the partnership heating oil retailers have with their customers.

President, Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association
Burlington, MA

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