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NYC Clean Heat makes it easier to convert to ULS 2 and Biodiesel

New York, NY, July 29, 2013 NYC Clean Heat is an initiative out of the mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability that helps buildings burning No. 4 or No. 6 heavy heating oil convert to cleaner alternatives. The program has just added the ULS 2/Biodiesel Conversion Specialists program to its services to provide buildings with new incentives for their heating fuel conversions!

Ultra-low sulfur No. 2 (ULS 2) is one of the cleanest fuels you can use in your heating system, which helps your heating system run more efficiently. It has 99% fewer fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) emissions than heavy heating oils that are linked to heart disease, lung disease, and asthma,. In New York City, all ULS 2 is blended with at least 2% biodiesel—making it even cleaner. And in New York State, you can take advantage of the biodiesel tax credit. For each percentage of biodiesel purchased, a building will receive a one cent tax credit per gallon, up to 20 cents/gallon.

Converting to ULS 2 can be quicker, more convenient, and less costly than other alternatives—it can take a matter of weeks compared to the several month oil-to-gas conversion process. And if your building is looking to convert to natural gas in the future, converting your system to ULS 2 with dual fuel capability in the meantime will keep your system clean and save you the trouble of having to do another full conversion when you decide to add on gas.

In addition to these benefits, NYC Clean Heat has introduced another advantage of burning cleaner. ULS 2/Biodiesel Conversion Specialists are oil providers, energy service companies, and other organizations that offer incentives such as discounted service contracts, group buying discounts, or other forms of incentives through NYC Clean Heat for the purpose of aiding conversions from No. 6 or No. 4 heating oil to ULS 2 with biodiesel.

Is your building currently burning heavy heating oil? Start by checking out the NYC Clean Heat website: In the "Resources" section, you can find a list of ULS/Biodiesel Conversion Specialists under "Incentives." Applications for Conversion Specialists are being accepted on a rolling basis, so expect to see more listed here in the coming weeks.

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with the NYC Clean Heat team by dialing 311 and asking for Clean Heat or emailing [email protected]

Abbey Brown is a NYC Clean Heat coordinator at the Environmental Defense Fund, New York, N.Y.

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