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Media Room is intended to give members of the media, consumers, and others the latest news and trends on today’s oilheat.

Today’s oilheat comes from highly efficient fuel and equipment that is becoming continuously cleaner while providing the same warmth and comfort consumers have come to expect.

With its growing emphasis on energy efficiency and making products with renewable energy such as biofuels and solar panels, the heating oil industry is well positioned as a vital resource in America’s energy future.

Despite the progress of heating oil, which burns 95 percent more cleanly today than it did in 1970, some members of the media and others have perpetuated its stereotype as a dirty fuel. Nothing could be further from the truth and you have made an important step in educating yourself by visiting

The heating oil industry’s aggressive move to ultra low sulfur fuel and Bioheat® will have great benefits for the environment and for increasing efficient oilheat systems.

The combination of ultra low sulfur heating oil and Bioheat will cut emissions and save consumers money for two reasons. First, furnaces and boilers can made with less expensive metal because ultra low sulfur heating oil will reduce soot buildup. Second, Bioheat naturally lubricates oilheat systems. Both factors mean consumers will lower their maintenance costs.

The win-win of ultra low sulfur heating oil and Bioheat is one of the greatest untold energy stories.

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