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CT Governor Signs Low Sulfur and Biodiesel Heating Oil Mandates into Law

June 14, 2010

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell recently signed a bill that will put her state at the forefront of the heating oilís transition into a cleaner and greener fuel. The bill, SB 382, requires all heating oil sold in the state to contain less than 0.3 percent sulfur and at least 2 percent biodiesel by July 1, 2011. The state senate unanimously approved SB 382 on May 3 and the state house did likewise by a vote of 146-1 on May 5. Although the governorís signature officially made the mandates the law of the state, a provision in the bill holds off final implementation of the requirements until Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island pass similar legislation. Massachusetts already has a 2 percent biodiesel requirement on the books, and mandate proposals are in the works in the New York and Rhode Island state legislatures.

The Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association (ICPA), a heating oil industry group that helped craft the original legislation, announced the billís signing (which actually occurred on May 26) on Monday. An ICPA press release hailed the four main benefits to Connecticut that will result from the law:

"Eliminating sulfur and instituting a renewable fuel content in heating oil will come at a cost savings to consumers. It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40%. It will work with Connecticutís burgeoning biofuels industry and add jobs to our state. It will work with existing heating systems, without modification, and improve their efficiency."

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