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Bioheat Event Signals Change in Oilheat Industry

June 4, 2012 In May, BioheatŪ made a big impression on oilheat dealers attending one of the largest energy events in the Northeast.

The Atlantic Region Energy Expo invited Bioheat to co-sponsor the event, and added Bioheat to the show name, reflecting a unique partnership with the National Biodiesel Board.

"Historically it takes a big splash like the AREE sponsorship to gain the respect and imagination of this unique group of business people," said Paul Nazzaro, director of NBB's Bioheat outreach.

"Being such an integral part of the show gave us the opportunity to demonstrate once and for all that Bioheat is a long-term player and will be a part of the energy landscape throughout the 23 NORA oilheat states for years to come."

"The Atlantic Region Energy Expo and Bioheat" sponsorship put Bioheat front-and-center on the trade show floor as the hub of the show.

Bioheat also had its own track of sessions, and the team hosted a unique "town hall meeting" where interested parties shared their viewpoints in an informal atmosphere.

"We're proud that AREE is the first industry trade show and convention officially combining traditional fuels with the renewable biodiesel found in Bioheat," said Eric DeGesero, executive vice president, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey.

The association was the catalyst for the founding of AREE 19 years ago.

"But this represents more than a conference name change.

"It's a sign of changing times for oilheat dealers, who recognize that Bioheat is their best option to adapt their businesses in the 21st century."

Bioheat funding from the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council made the sponsorship possible.

Bioheat is a combination of oilheat with biodiesel.

It is cost-competitive with oilheat, and does not require modifications to the oilheat system.

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