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New Jersey Saves On Heating Oil With A Simple Energy Audit

March 30, 2011

Conserving energy in the New Jersey is becoming more important than ever for commercial and residential heating oil consumers. Recently new and more precise techniques have appeared that make it easier to achieve energy efficiency and save serious money, too. One of them is a home energy audit, fast becoming the answer to cost-effective home heating oil solutions in households through New Jersey and the country.

Did you know that as much as half of heating oil costs can be lost due to poor insulation, inefficient equipment, and more importantly air leaks? Cost-effective, precise and quantifiable, a home energy audit, as explained to us by Tom Testa owner of the BPI-certified company Home Energy Diagnostics of Bloomfield ( includes blower door technology and infrared cameras that pinpoint heat loss by actually visualizing unseen air escape routes behind walls, under floors, or through ceilings. This is good news in that once identified in a report with a list of repair recommendations, the fix can save homeowners thousands in heating oil costs over the life of the home.

Furthermore, thermal envelope solutions are provided that can help the homeowner examine total preventative measures top to bottom to better maintain healthy airflow throughout the entire home. Regardless of the age of your home an energy audit by an accredited BPI home performance contractor will bring current building science techniques that utilize methods not usually understood by DIYers and, for that matter, many of todayıs builders.

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