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March 21, 2011

Over the last 20 months, has published lots of news about biofuels, specifically biodiesel. Weve done this because biodiesel blended with traditional petroleum-based heating oil (known commonly by the brand name Bioheat) offers heating oil users and society at large a host of health, economic, and environmental benefits. Furthermore, the renewable nature of biodiesel offers a sustainable growth path for heating oil businesses around the USa crucial opportunity as crude oil prices continue to rise.

Last year, we decided to document exactly how biodiesel feed stock (in the case of this video, used cooking oil) is collected, processed, purified, mixed with traditional heating oil, and finally delivered to the home of a heating oil user. What resulted is the video below, which shows one of many biodiesel supply chains in the country. What makes this particular supply chain unique is that its contained completely within New York State: cooking oil from New York City is collected in Queens, sent to the Rochester area for processing, and returns downstate for blending and delivery to a heating oil consumer on Long Island.

As the video shows, the advantages of biodiesel heating extend beyond its users to communities around the state that benefit from job creation today and the promise of economic growth tomorrow.

Take a few minutes to see and hear exactly how this burgeoning green industry works. Check back tomorrow to see more about how biodiesel heating positively affects American communities and what it needs to continue evolving.

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