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Heating Oil Resources for 2014

The Energy Communications Council offers information resources for consumers and the oilheat industry. ... more

Fuel dealers, Efficiency Vermont combine to tighten homes

Efficiency Vermont, the state’s efficiency utility, and the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, a trade association representing fuel dealers, have partnered to offer home heating fuel and thermal efficiency rebates. ... more

Biodiesel supporters to voice RFS concerns with EPA

Nearly two dozen representatives of the U.S. biodiesel industry are slated to testify at an EPA hearing Thursday about the threat to their businesses and surrounding communities under the EPA’s proposed renewable fuel standard (RFS) for biodiesel. ... more

New England governors press Congress on heating oil program

The governors of all six New England states have signed a letter urging Congress to support a federal program aimed at helping lower-income families and seniors cover their home heating costs. ... more

Vermont's fuel aid program in high gear

Moffi, chief of the state’s fuel assistance program, is proud of the routinely fast turn-around of applications, especially this week as Vermonters began getting a taste of winter. ... more

Biodiesel Blend Could Mean Cleaner Heating Oil for NJ Winters

Biodiesel fuel may soon play a bigger role in New Jersey’s energy future, potentially enabling homeowners to use a cleaner product to heat their homes each winter. ... more

New Jersey Advances Biodiesel Heating Oil Bill

A bill to make biodiesel part of all heating oil used in New Jersey advanced in the New Jersey legislature. reports the “Bio-based Heating Oil Act,” sponsored by Assembly Deputy Republican Leader John Amodeo, moved out of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee. ... more

Falling Fuel Prices Could Mean Lower Home Heating Costs

Fuel Prices are falling and home owners may be in a position to cash in on the lowest oil heating prices all year. Kevin Rooney of the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island, told CBS 2′s McLogan that the time is right to take advantage of lower prices. ... more

32 US senators urge administration to support biodiesel growth

A bipartisan group of 32 U.S. senators from across the country sent a letter Nov. 14 asking the Obama administration to support reasonable growth in the biodiesel industry next year under the renewable fuel standard (RFS). ... more

Coping With Less LIHEAP Funding

The federal government has cut back funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, for this winter. And The cuts are exacerbated by changes in the amount that fuel dealers can charge LIHEAP customers, prompting at least a dozen dealers to opt out of the program this year. ... more

Ferrante: The other side of natural gas story

The statement by a National Grid spokesman that natural gas is “a more efficient alternative price-wise and also environmentally" is simply not true. (A letter from Michael Ferrante, President of the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association) ... more

Natural Gas Gains Squeeze Family-Run Oil Companies

In Connecticut, oil businesses face another hurdle as a new law encourages a massive buildup in natural gas pipelines over the next 10 years. ... more

More than $33 million in heating fuel assistance headed for Maine

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released an initial $33.7 million in Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, funds, members of Maine’s congressional delegation announced Monday. ... more

House members ask EPA to relax renewable fuel mandate

More than 160 lawmakers on Thursday pleaded with the Obama administration to relax renewable fuel quotas they say “threaten to cause economic and environmental harm.” ... more

Good news for heating oil customers – finally

People who heat their homes with oil are finally catching a break. This time, it's natural gas customers who are likely to pay more, according to forecasts by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. ... more

Staying Warm In The Granite State: A Guide To Home Heating Fuels

With 47 percent of homes using heating oil, New Hampshire is one of only four states where that fuel dominates. Here’ s a check in on price trends and the fuel landscape for New Hampshire home heating. ... more

Homeowners Encouraged to Inspect, Repair Heating Oil Tanks

As cold weather approaches, the Department of Environmental Protection is urging homeowners to act now to save energy and money by inspecting indoor and outdoor home heating oil tanks for potential problems prior to refilling them. ... more

15-year-old Cassandra Lin to receive youth award for Bioheat work

Cassandra Lin of Westerly, R.I., is only 15 years old, but she is the mastermind behind the Turn Grease into Fuel project, which has provided more than 70 needy families in the New England area with residential heating. ... more

New York’s Air Is Cleanest in 50 Years, Survey Finds

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on Thursday that his administration’s efforts at reducing air pollution had resulted in New York City’s having the best air quality in more than 50 years. ... more

10 Tips to Save More on Heating Oil this Winter

Homeowners are feeling the chill of fall, and some may have turned on their furnaces these past few days. Consumers who heat with oil can save on heating costs this upcoming season by being proactive and taking a few small steps to conserve energy. ... more

NH's heating oil season starts revving up

The busiest time for oil deliveries is usually November and December, but dealers say now is a good time to buy. ... more

Home Heating Oil Forecast for this Winter

Oil prices can fluctuate to the customers’ advantage or disadvantage. That’s why many customers are signing up for a program that helps protect them from the oil price roller coaster ride. ... more

Action by EPA on biofuels could head off legislation: lawmaker

As the United States gets closer to being unable to meet federal biofuel targets, a regulatory adjustment would lessen the need for legislation to change the nation's renewable fuel policy, said a lawmaker who is examining the future of the ethanol program. ... more

Winter heating forecast: Oil down, natural gas up

The U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting the cost of heating oil will be cheaper this winter, but the price of natural gas is expected to go up. ... more

Our View: Step up prevention before heating oil spills

Mandating double-walled tanks could conserve fuel and keep the water supply cleaner. ... more

USDA pays $15.5 million to 188 advanced biofuels producers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that the USDA is making payments to support the production of advanced biofuel. USDA is making nearly $15.5 million in payments to 188 producers through the Advanced Biofuel Payment Program. ... more

Advanced biofuel industry leaders: 'Now is the time to unite'

Industry leaders at the National Advanced Biofuel Conference & Expo had an adamant, clear-cut message for attendees: If there were ever a time to unite and work together as one force, it is now. ... more

Bill signed requiring NYC municipal fleet to use biodiesel blends

The largest municipal fleet in the country made a bold environmental statement yesterday with cleaner burning biodiesel. New York City Councilman James F. Gennaro, honored by the National Biodiesel Board with the 2011 Clean Energy Leadership Award, sponsored the bill. ... more

Oil, propane users in line for a brea

This winter, industry observers say, heating oil customers might actually see some relief, along with customers of propane, while the big price benefits of natural gas appear to be ebbing. That’s a turnabout from recent years, when heating oil prices went high and abundant new supplies of natural gas sent prices of that fuel plummeting. ... more

Bioheat: CT’s only petroleum product

All of the petroleum products used in Connecticut are produced and refined outside the state, with one exception — bioheat. ... more

Cuomo: change in fuel-tax law will improve cash flow for petroleum distributors

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced a change in state tax law he says will benefit small-business operators selling heating oil and certain highway diesel-motor fuels. ... more

Opinion: N.J. Bio-Based Heating Oil Act is a natural progression for domestic energy

"The New Jersey Legislature should be commended for considering progressive legislation that will reduce the carbon intensity of our state’s fuel, encourage new capital investment in New Jersey and support small businesses." says Eric DeGesero ... more

Biodiesel is the bright spot in RFS

Yesterday the U.S. EPA finalized 2013 renewable volume requirements under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), allowing four extra months for compliance by extending the deadline to June 30, 2014. ... more

Oil dealer's representative: Fix leaky pipes before expanding natural gas

The head of a trade group representing the state’s home heating oil dealers is using a new report to assail Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES) as it relates to natural gas. ... more

NYC Clean Heat makes it easier to convert to ULS 2 and Biodiesel

NYC Clean Heat is an initiative out of the mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability that helps buildings burning No. 4 or No. 6 heavy heating oil convert to cleaner alternatives. The program has just added the ULS 2/Biodiesel Conversion Specialists program to its services to provide buildings with new incentives for their heating fuel conversions! ... more

Energy Department Launches New Database on Residential and Commercial Building Energy Performance

The Energy Department today launched a new Buildings Performance Database, the largest free, publicly available database of residential and commercial building energy performance information. ... more

Iowa law ensures retailers' rights to offer higher biofuel blends

The Iowa legislature passed H.F. 640 on May 22, legislation that protects retailers from Big Oil efforts to restrict competition by guaranteeing local retailers the right to offer the ethanol and biodiesel blends of their choice, such as B20 biodiesel. ... more

Joint research in Oklahoma looks to the sun to boost energy content in biofuel

In Oklahoma, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) are collaborating to investigate the possibility of using sunlight as a way of enriching the energy content of biofuel. ... more

Supply shock from North American oil rippling through global markets

IEA’s Medium-Term Oil Market Report sees companies overhauling global investment strategies; meanwhile, surge in non-OECD refining capacity shakes up product market ... more

Shaheen, Collins Introduce Bipartisan Oilheat Program Reauthorization

"Legislation would renew NORA oilheat industry efficiency, research and job training programs " ... more

Partnership programs extend NBB’s reach, amplify its voice

NBB’s partnership programs connect various organizations and individuals who share a common interest in and support for America’s advanced biofuel, biodiesel. These networks of advocates support biodiesel and use their diverse backgrounds and expertise to raise the level of biodiesel understanding and awareness in their communities and nationally. ... more

Support urged for oil heat licensing

In a letter to the editor: Senate Bill 189, now in their committee, requires mandatory licensing to work on oil heat equipment. Their committee’s “yes” vote will be one more step toward a full vote by the House. ... more

The White House's "all of the above" energy strategy goes global

As President Obama’s national security adviser Tom Donilon speaks Wednesday at the launch of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, we thought it would be worth highlighting some of his speech’s key points. ... more

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Futures Contract Replaces Heating Oil

CME Group Inc. (CME)’s heating oil contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange has been renamed ultra-low-sulfur-diesel futures after the April contract, the last to reflect higher-sulfur fuel, expired March 28. ... more

Heating Oil Dealers Rally Against New Tax For Efficiency Programs

Heating oil dealers rallied at a public hearing Tuesday at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford against a tax proposed to fund some of the state's efficiency projects. ... more

Legislators take up pre-buy heating oil contracts

State legislators have put forth identical proposals in the House and Senate that would require heating fuel dealers to make financial arrangements to protect consumers who enter pre-buy contracts. But legislators are still hashing out the details about how oil companies would be held accountable by the state. ... more

Vt. wants more home weatherization

Under the 2013 "Home Energy Challenge," led by Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network, at least 75 participating towns are encouraging 3 percent of their residents to weatherize their homes. ... more

Vt. lawmakers fuel controversy with proposed tax on heat

As the bitter winter continues on, Vermonters continue to crank up the heat. The Committee on Natural Resources and Energy is proposing a bill to help low-income families keep that heat inside. ... more

President Obama calls for climate action in address to the nation

President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address Tuesday called on Washington to pursue bipartisan solutions for climate change to protect future generations. ... more

N.H. bills change fuel contract protections

New Hampshire's House and Senate are considering identical bills to expand protections for consumers who enter into pre-paid fuel agreements for home heating oil, kerosene or liquefied petroleum. ... more

Bill advances to increase fee for fuel tank cleanup fund with heating oil tax

The House voted 186-165 Wednesday to give preliminary approval to a bill that adds a quarter of a penny per gallon of heating oil to a fee used to fund fuel oil tank cleanups and replacements. ... more

Obama’s Choice to Lead Interior Dept. Has Oil Sector and Conservation Credentials

President Obama on Wednesday nominated Sally Jewell, the chief executive of Recreational Equipment Inc., to lead the Interior Department, with a vow that she will balance the agency’s sometimes conflicting mandates to promote resource development and preserve the nation’s natural heritage. ... more

Court rejects EPA biofuel mandate

A federal appeals court in Washington on Friday canceled a mandate from the Environmental Protection Agency that required refiners to buy cellulosic biofuels as a way of supporting the nascent alternative fuel industry. ... more

Oil Heat Gets Green With Bioheat® Fuel; Reduces Carbon Footprint and Saves Nearly 100 Million Gallons of Petroleum Annually

Northeast residents can reduce their carbon footprint this winter and potentially save nearly 100 million gallons of petroleum by using a new biodiesel, natural resource heating oil, Bioheat® Fuel. Taking the lead in the move to more sustainable oil heating is the nation's largest municipal user of biodiesel, New York City. ... more

Fiscal bill gives biofuel maker an extra spark

A two-year tax incentive for producers means the Portland company can add jobs and a truck for collecting fry oil as it works to meet demand for biodiesel. ... more

New television campaign shows the 'cool' side of Bioheat

Heating oil consumers in the Northeast are learning how making a small change will support American jobs, domestic energy security and cleaner air. It’s thanks to three television commercials airing to promote the benefits of Bioheat. ... more

Even higher heating bills in new forecast for winter

With figures exceeding predictions made in October, the Energy Communications Council urges consumers to consider simple steps for conservation and efficiency. (Click "Press Releases" under our Media Room for 10 Tips to Save More on Heating Oil This Winter) ... more

EIA releases Annual Energy Outlook 2013 reference case

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has published Annual Energy Outlook 2013 Early Release Overview. The document is an abridged version of the Annual Energy Outlook that highlights changes made to the Annual Energy Outlook reference case from the prior year. ... more

Senate passes amendment allowing biofuel refinery construction

The Senate passed an amendment to the defense bill Thursday that would strike the prohibition on biofuel refinery construction. ... more

Look for ways to make your home energy efficient

Old Man Winter is just around the corner. So, are you and your home ready for the season? ... more

New regs – & LNG approvals – possible in Obama’s second term

President Barack Obama enters a second term in the White House free to impose tougher regulations on domestic drilling despite industry objections and with new latitude to approve natural gas exports and the controversial Keystone XL pipeline without fear of alienating environmentalists he needs at the ballot box. ... more

US Releases Heating Oil Reserves for First Time Ever

The Energy Department will release fuel from the northeast heating oil reserve to help in the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. ... more

US may soon become world’s top oil producer

U.S. oil output is surging so fast that the United States could soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest producer. ... more

Soy-Based Home Heating Takes Hold in NYC

Bioheat blend incorporates 2% biodiesel into traditional home heating oil. ... more

Space heater safety tips

It's starting to get colder at night and people are turning on heaters for the first time in a while. Some heaters however, are more dangerous than others and can lead to very serious fires. ... more

US Releases Estimate of Utica Shale Reserves

Drilling companies beginning to explore the Utica Shale got a piece of good news Friday when the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the rock formation in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states holds enormous reserves of natural gas and oil. ... more

Citgo's proposed biofuel storage tank continued until November

Construction of fuel company Citgo's proposed biodiesel storage tank will not begin yet, after members of the Planning Board voted to continue the request until November. ... more

Oil prices fall after US says oil supplies rose last week; average gas price now at $3.86

The price of oil is falling after the government said U.S. supplies of oil rose last week. Benchmark oil fell 11 cents Wednesday to $97.06 per barrel in New York. ... more

House Committee Approves Heating Oil Funding

The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday agreed to include funding to help families with heating cots as part of a spending measure that will be considered later this week to allow the government to keep running until the end of the year. ... more

This year's heating oil prices uncertain

From the cost of gas to the cost of oil, as the summer travel season comes to an end, many are now looking ahead to the winter. ... more

Heating Oil Falls as Gulf Coast Plants Start After Isaac

Heating oil fell as Gulf Coast refineries started up after Hurricane Isaac last week knocked out 13 percent of the region’s fuel-making capacity. ... more

U.S. faces stiff opposition to emergency oil release plans

President Barack Obama faced stiff resistance to the possibility of releasing emergency oil reserves to quell rising energy prices on Friday, with Asian allies and the head of the West's energy agency rejecting any need for action now. ... more

Flawed testing stymies utility energy-efficiency efforts

Widely-used tests to evaluate energy-efficiency programs are not being conducted correctly and, as a result, energy-efficiency programs that offer significant benefits to homeowners, the environment, and society are not being created, according to research from the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC). ... more

The Hunt to Unlock Oil Sands

In Canada, Radiowaves and Heating Coils Are Among Efforts Used to Extract Sticky Petroleum From Rock. ... more

Heating Oil Advances on Speculation Bernanke to Hint at Stimulus

Heating oil advanced to a six-week high on speculation that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will hint at more measures to stimulate the U.S. economy when he testifies before Congress today. ... more

Housing, Domestic Oil May Boost U.S. Growth, Pimco Says

The U.S. economy is poised to grow for the next three to five years amid improvement in the housing market and reduced reliance on imported energy, according to Pacific Investment Management Co. ... more

Administration Announces Investments to Advance Biofuels Industry

As part of the Obama administration’s commitment to deploying every available source of American energy and reducing our reliance on imported oil, U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced new funding available to pursue new innovations in biofuels technologies, increase production of U.S. biofuels, and strengthen American energy security. ... more

Switch to cleaner fuel oils gets $100M lift

The city announced Wednesday that more than $100 million in financing will be available to property owners to help them convert from using heavy heating oils to cleaner fuels. ... more

Bioheat Event Signals Change in Oilheat Industry

In May, Bioheat® made a big impression on oilheat dealers attending one of the largest energy events in the Northeast. ... more

At little or no extra cost, cleaner home heating oil awaits

A lower-sulfur, cleaner-burning home heating oil flows into the New York state market in July amid expectations of minimal, if any, price increases from the heating industry. ... more

The High Cost of Gambling on Oil - NYT OP-ED by Joe P. Kennedy II

THE drastic rise in the price of oil and gasoline is in part the result of forces beyond our control: as high-growth countries like China and India increase the demand for petroleum, the price will go up. ... more

Landowners Plan to Frack Using Liquid Propane

An upstate New York landowners group may partner with a Canadian company that uses liquid propane instead of controversial water-based hydraulic fracturing to get natural gas flowing into wells. ... more

BPI Works with NATE and NORA to Expand Accreditation Options for the HVAC Contractor

In a continued effort to raise the bar in home performance contracting, the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) announces two new accreditation options for HVAC contracting companies. ... more

Oil Prices Strike Exacerbated By Wall Street Speculation, Federal Reserve Study Finds

Two economists at the St. Louis Federal Reserve have published findings that indicate that Wall Street speculation is responsible for 15 percent of the increase in oil prices over the past decade, a finding with significant implications for the recent sharp rise in gas prices. ... more

Heating oil sales not so hot

The owner of Whitney Brothers Oil Corp. in Clinton says it's virtually impossible things will “average out” for home heating oil dealers during this winter, which has been unusually warm. ... more

Take steps to reduce your energy costs

The best way to determine if you are overpaying is to log onto the New York State Energy, Research and Development Authority website ( They break the state into various regions (we’re part of the Lower Hudson Valley Region) and track the average cost per gallon each month. ... more

Why LI pays the highest gas prices

The price of gasoline is spiking again, but the pain is not being shared equally. ... more

Natural Gas: Don't Bet on It

The natural gas industry has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to convince consumers that their product is the proverbial “silver bullet” that will save them thousands of dollars in home heating costs for years to come, if only they would switch fuels. ... more

Petroleum representatives candidly express contempt for RFS2

A panel of petroleum trade association representatives gathered together for the National Biodiesel Conference’s opening general session on Feb. 6. ... more

As winter approaches, Congress cuts funds for home heating help

Just days before the holiday season, the Obama administration released more than $800 million to states as part of a program to help low-income people pay their heating bills during the winter months. ... more

NASCSP: Omnibus Cuts Made on the Backs of Low-Income Americans

The FY 2012 Omnibus Appropriations bill, filed late on December 15, 2011 by the House Rules Committee, contained a stunning 60% cut to the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), down to $68 million from $174.3 million in FY 2011. This is the lowest funding level since 1978, the year after the program's inception in 1977. ... more

Northeastern senators urge Congress not to cut low-income heating help

With the winter fast approaching and Congress' current budget pact set to expire in less than two weeks, three New England senators are leading a new push to preserve federal heating grants for low-income households. ... more

Colonial Okays Biodiesel Pipeline Shipments in Georgia

Colonial Pipeline will allow biodiesel to ship along Line 17 of its system, the first pipeline company to allow commercial biodiesel shipments via pipe. ... more

'Bioheat: the Evolution of Oilheat' ad campaign blankets NYC

Starting Oct. 24, New York City buses and the subway system will be covered with Bioheat ads. Radio commercials are already airing on six highly rated CBS stations. ... more

NY Bioheat tax credit extended for five years

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation into law extending the state’s Refundable Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit for five years. ... more

Heating oil supplies snug as winter nears, prices climb

The pressure is on in the US heating oil market as physical and futures prices climb amid a tightness in supply that is being punctuated by the possible loss of some 690,000 b/d of US Atlantic Coast refining capacity. ... more

New England braces for cuts in heating aid

With Congress expected to gut a federal home heating aid program, possibly cutting it in half, New England states are preparing to reduce benefits or the number of households receiving aid just as fall begins. ... more

State Aid To Focus On Oil-Heated Homes

State assistance for home heating will focus on dwellings heated by oil, not by gas or electricity, the Malloy administration announced Monday. ... more

Maine DEP launches home heating oil tank health awareness campaign

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is warning Mainers of the dangers of deteriorating oil tanks in a television awareness campaign airing this week. ... more

CFTC to Move on New Commodity Rules

Heating oil dealers are praising a decision by federal regulators to move forward on new rules designed to tackle rampant speculation in oil markets. ... more

Biodiesel industry producing record volumes, fueling job creation

U.S. biodiesel production reached a new monthly high of 81 million gallons in June, according to the latest EPA statistics, marking a third consecutive month of record volumes and continuing a remarkable turnaround in which biodiesel production in the first half of 2011 has already eclipsed production for all of 2010. ... more

NYMEX to End Heating Oil Contract

The New York Mercantile Exchange is to discontinue its heating oil futures contract in 2013. It will be replaced by an ultra low-sulfur diesel contract in response to changing environmental regulations in New York state. ... more

Energy in America: New Liquid Fuel Faster, More Efficient -- and Greener, Too

With a little help from genetic engineering, researchers at one Massachusetts company say they've created an organism that takes sunlight, water and carbon dioxide and creates liquid fuel. ... more

Biodiesel industry to run national ads

The biodiesel industry is launching its first nationwide ad campaign, the centerpiece of which will be a 30-second TV ad that will run in the morning time slot. ... more

NORA Reauthorization Bill Introduced

New bipartisan legislation to renew the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has been introduced in the United States Congress. ... more

New Device Could Reduce Home Heating Oil Consumption

A new electronic device promises to reduce heating oil consumption by up to 15 percent by accurately monitoring energy use and environmentally damaging carbon emissions ... more

New Jersey Saves On Heating Oil With A Simple Energy Audit

Conserving energy in the New Jersey is becoming more important than ever for commercial and residential heating oil consumers. Recently new and more precise techniques have appeared that make it easier to achieve energy efficiency and save serious money, too. One of them is a home energy audit, fast becoming the answer to cost-effective home heating oil solutions in households through New Jersey and the country. ... more

Patrick Leahy: Sean Cota Should Sit On The Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is lobbying President Obama to appoint Sean Cota, a Vermont business owner and an advocate of the regulation of the derivatives trade, to an open seat on the powerful Commodity Futures Trading Commission. ... more Video: Turning Cooking Oil Into Green Heating Fuel decided to document exactly how biodiesel feed stock (in the case of this video, used cooking oil) is collected, processed, purified, mixed with traditional heating oil, and finally delivered to the home of a heating oil user. What resulted is the video, which shows one of many biodiesel supply chains in the country. ... more

Veteran Oil Trader: Big-Money Speculation the Main Cause of Oil Price Volatility

As the CFTC struggles to gain its footing on the path to regulating oil speculation and hopefully tamping down price volatility and manipulation, the debate over the true cause of volatility continues. ... more

Why is home heating oil so expensive?

Analysts said investors called "speculators" are driving up the price of home heating oil. ... more

ABC6 & Petro Oil Launch Operation Warm Home

As a dangerous arctic wave settles over New England, WLNE-TV / ABC6 and Petro oil are combining resources to come to the aid of Southern New Englanders who are unable to heat their homes. ... more

Heating oil speculation leaves many in the cold

Like the price of gasoline, home heating oil prices are at their highest level since late 2008. In part, that's due to an increase in demand throughout the frigid Northeast. But some say there's an even bigger factor: Speculation. ... more

Major changes proposed in Vermont tax policy

After 18 months of research, hearings and deliberations, the Legislature’s Blue Ribbon Tax Structure Commission recommended Thursday simplifying several taxes, broadening the state’s tax base and reducing rates to increase the state’s economic competitiveness. ... more

NJ Rebates for Energy-Efficient Heating Oil Equipment Extended Through June

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program will extend its WARMAdvantage program through the end of June 2011, continuing to offer rebates to residents who purchase efficient heating equipment. ... more

Local program fills fuel assistance gap

Last year Congress granted the Green Mountain State 25 Million dollars for heating assistance. This year, the state received 14 million dollars, while also raising the income level allowed to receive this assistance. Now a new local program is aiming to help fill the gap. ... more

Heating system service 'can help with efficiency'

Remembering to tune a heating oil system before the winter properly sets in can help to limit the size of bills during the colder months. ... more

No Big Surprise: Speculation Continues to Drive Up Heating Oil Prices

The Eagle-Tribune of North Andover, MA revisited the issue of speculators driving up heating oil prices on Monday, reminding heating oil users that sudden price increases are (usually) not the fault of dealers. ... more

Speculators fuel home heating oil price spike

There's no need wasting energy blaming your local heating oil companies for the cost of keeping your home warm this winter. It's not their fault. Instead, direct your anger toward the hedge fund managers and energy speculators sitting in offices in New York City as they bet on the future price of crude oil coming off ships from overseas, mostly the Middle East. ... more

Energy Department Predicts Higher Home Heating Costs

The cost of heating your home this winter may rise significantly because of higher fuel costs and colder temperatures than last winter, according to the annual outlook issued by the Department of Energy. ... more

4 ways to cut winter energy bills

These four home products can let you burn less cash when temperatures crash ... more

State bill would reduce sulfur in heating oil

By adopting the Clean Heat Initiative Bill for Pennsylvania, the state maximum standard for the sulfur content of home heating oil sold after July 2012 would be reduced from 5,000 or 2,500 parts per million (depending on the area of the state) to 15 ppm. ... more

Heating Oil Dealers Enter Growing Energy Efficiency Sector

The energy efficiency industry is fast becoming big business, thanks to a perfect storm of cultural, political, and economic factors. As Americans have become more aware of environmental issues like global warming, they have become more interested in using less energy and reducing their carbon footprint. ... more

How to Prepare Your Heating Oil System for a Hurricane

The Northeast coast is home to many heating oil users, and to help them prepare for Hurricane Earl’s arrival, the Energy Communications Council (which is funded by the National Oilheat Research Alliance) issued a press release offering tips on how to prepare and check up on oil-fired heating systems before and after flooding. ... more

New Jersey Joins Low-Sulfur Heating Oil Club

New Jersey enacted low-sulfur heating oil mandates on Tuesday, becoming the fourth Northeastern state to require cleaner-burning heating oil. ... more

Biodiesel support remains strong despite Massachusetts' suspension

While Massachusetts suspended its biodiesel mandate in late June, support for biodiesel-blended fuels in the Northeast remains strong. ... more

Bloomberg signs biodiesel bill

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially made the Big Apple and biodiesel-blended heating oil synonymous ... more

As summer heats up, heating oil prices cool down

While oil prices might be the furthest thing from consumer’s minds during the height of the summer, it can be an opportune time to take advantage of deals and decide on pricing options for the future. ... more

Gennaro makes city cleaner and greener

City Councilman James Gennaro (D-Fresh Meadows) has authored a bill, Intro 194-A, that will replace 20 million gallons of petroleum annually with an equal amount of renewable, sustainable and domestically produced biodiesel, thereby reducing air pollution and improving quality of life throughout the city. ... more

Mass. Program to Upgrade Heating Oil Systems for Low-Income Homeowners

Five hundred homes in Massachusetts could get new, high-efficiency heating equipment through a new program aimed at heating oil users with low or moderate incomes. ... more

New York Mandates Cleaner Heating Oil

It’s official: New York State is drastically reducing sulfur in home heating oil. ... more

Change in heating oil will protect health

In the case of legislation requiring the use of ultra low-sulfur heating oil, this bill is a win-win for all New Yorkers. It will protect public health and shield consumers from higher home heating bills. Sen. Darrel Aubertine deserves praise for protecting the health and wealth of his north country constituents. ... more

New York State Senate Passes Low-Sulfur Heating Oil Bill

New York’s State Senate put New York on the path to join its Northeastern neighbors Maine and Connecticut in mandating low-sulfur heating oil. ... more

CT Governor Signs Low Sulfur and Biodiesel Heating Oil Mandates into Law

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell recently signed a bill that will put her state at the forefront of the heating oil’s transition into a cleaner and greener fuel. ... more

White House Honors 6th Graders for Major 'Bioheat' Achievement

In Westerly, R.I., a small group of motivated middle school students concerned about greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels has launched what they tout as "Project T.G.I.F.: Turning Grease Into Fuel." Their monumental effort to collect waste cooking oil, refine it into biofuel and distribute it to charities in their hometown as a heating source merited recognition from the White House. ... more

CT Legislature Approves Energy Bills that Include Heating Oil Low-Sulfur and Biodiesel Mandates, Incentives for Efficient Equipment

On Wednesday night, proponents of the bill scored a major victory when the Connecticut State House passed the bill by a vote of 146-1 following its unanimous passage by the Senate on Monday. The bill is now awaiting the approval of Governor Jodi Rell. ... more

Low-Sulfur Heating Oil Becomes the Law in Maine

On Monday, Gov. John Baldacci signed into law a bill that would lower the sulfur content of home heating oil in Maine ... more

Heating oil bids please Ridgefield officials

The bids are in, and town and school officials are gloating at prices they’ll be paying for heating oil next year. ... more

Demand for Oil Set to Rise Anew

As much of the world emerges from recession and as geopolitics and threats to energy supplies return to the fore, oil consumption is expected to rebound again, driven mostly by Asia and the Middle East. ... more

Essential Tips on Winter Energy Conservation

It's not too late for consumers to save on winter heating costs by tuning up their heating oil systems and taking other simple, practical steps to conserve energy. ... more

The Trust About Heating Oil - Response to ''We The Six Billion''

The full truth about heating oil in Maine and other states today was conspicuously abesnt from Joe Steinberger's Nov. 19, 2009 installment of We The Six Billion, "The Ammonia Economy." ... more
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